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                    Airbrush Compressor Kit

                    Airbrush Compressor Kit

                    Tagore Machinery provide different airbrush compressor kit for different use, such as:makeup airbrush compressor kit, tanning mini airbrush compressor kits, model airbrush compressor kit etc.

                    Output air it's oil-free, clean, Pressure can be adjusted, working with suitable airbrush guns, Applicable to the general pneumatic tools,: spray gun, pneumatic nail gun, model painting, artwork, body art, body painting and makeup; Also can provide gas source to laboratory, Food industry , breeding industry, medical field, beauty industry and so on.

                    At the same time, we supply inks and stencils.

                    Tagore Machinery has been granted ISO9001:2008. In addition, our products have passed the evaluation of GS, CE and RoHS Certifications.

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