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                    Tagore Machinery was specially founded base on airbrush.

                    In 1999, Mr Jiang (Tagore owner), as an engineer, successfully developed the first airbrush in China. And now, Tagore possess mature complete airbrush equipment: machinery process; welding, polishing, electroplating; Assemble, test etc, thusing guarantee best delivery, quality control.At the same time, we provide airbrush accessories to our customers.

                    As an airbrush manufacturer, Tagore Machinery has a full range of airbrushes, and they are widly used for airbursh makeup, nail airbrush paint, tattoo airbrush paint, airbrushing tan, cake,candy airbrush paint,airbrush paint, airbrush artwork, airbrush paint jars,airbrush photography, airbrush clothes, airbrush graphics etc

                    With professional design and technical team, we can make different airbrush designs according to our customers’ requirements. Customized solution e-mail to us:info@tagoreairbrush.com

                    If you have questions: how to airbrush at home? how much is an airbrush? Please contact us freely. Our pleassure to give our professional airbrush instructions and airbrush painting tips.

                    Products Showroom