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                     Ningbo Tagore Machinery Co.,Ltd.

                    Tagore Machinery specializes in manufacturing airbrushes, mini air compressors which are mainly used on makeup and tanning as well as the painting. Our main products include airbrush, airbrush compressor, air grinders, and other pneumatic tools. Our company covers more than 70,000 square feet, equipped with a complete set equipment (more than 130 sets CNC machine, data control lathe and all kinds of measuring machines).

                    “Good quality, competitive price, cost effectiveness, and prompt delivery” are our major concerns. Do our best to strengthen our customers' competitiveness on the market and hopefully we could both improve and grow up together.

                    Since establishment, we dedicate ourselves to set up "TAGORE" brand, which is now already registered in more than 10 countries. We want our customers to know that "Made in China" can stand for "good quality" as well.

                    During the past ten years, TAGORE has won a good reputation. However, we will not stop our efforts simply due to current achievements. We will continue to develop more product diversification and more multifunctional designs in order to provide both domestic and overseas clients with ever-improving quality and service. We’d like to do the honest business with our customer.