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                    Micro Air Grinder In China

                    Micro Air Grinder

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                    Air grinding machine/Grinders/flat edge trimmer
                    Description: aluminum shell ,Aluminum switch,, the head has three bearing, the strength is larger, stainless steel front end, suitable for fine machining environment
                    1. Max free speed: 65000Rpm
                    2. Collet size: 2.38mm or 3mm
                    3. Length: 140mm
                    4. Air consumption: 2CFM
                    5. Weight:0.25KG
                    6. Air pressure:90PSI

                    Inner carton size(CM):19.4*7.8*6
                    Master carton size(CM):43*21.5*28.5
                    Qty/carton: 20
                    N.W/G.W.:   5kg / 6.5kg                        
                    Single corrugated carton(CM): 22*95*75   
                    (thick bubble bag)

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