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                    Mini Air Compressor 110v In China

                    Mini Air Compressor 110v

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                    1.Power: 1/4HP                                          
                    2.Voltage: 220-240V/50HZ      110-120V,220V/60HZ                                                                                                                   
                    3.Auto stop: start at 3BAR/43PSI, stop at 4BAR 57PSI
                    4.Max pressure: 6BAR/86PSI                                            
                    5.Air output per min.: 30-35L/min.                                                  
                    6.Conector: 1/8" BSP  
                    7.Electric cable:1.5m                 
                    8.Weight: 5kg                                                                                                                  
                    9.Dim: 320×135×205mm 

                    Inner carton size(CM):34.5*16*21.5
                    PCS/CTN: 4

                    1.Double cylinders and output flow is big, can drive several airbrush guns to work
                    2.Air output pressure can be adjusted ,with pressure gauge and the oil-water separator
                    3.Piston type, oil free,non-pollution;
                    4.With 2 level air pressure switch:
                    First level: low-voltage automatic stop switch, suitable for low pressure tools like airbrush;
                    Second level: high pressure non stop switch, suitable for other pneumatic tools which need  need high pressure;
                    5.Can work continuously, and can start under pressure, powerful
                    5.Motor has overheating protection device;
                    7.Noise: 47 db;
                    8.With automatic startup and automatic stop function;
                    9.Air tank with safety protection device
                    Certification: ROHS, CE, GS, ETL and CETL

                    Output air it's oilfree, clean, Pressure can be adjusted,working with suitable airbrush guns, Applicable to the general pneumatic tools,:spray gun, pneumatic nail gun,model painting,artwork,body art,body painting and makeup;Also can provide gas source to laboratory,Food industry ,breeding industry,medical field
                    ,beauty industry and so on.